Working Papers and Work in Progress


Working Papers:

  • Indoctrination and preference falsification in autocracies: Evidence from a natural experiment in the German Democratic Republic. With Alexander De Juan and Felix Haass (2019).
  • Universities and Democratization. With Florian Hollenbach and Janica Magat (2019).
  • The Effects of Oil on Presidential Support in Uganda. With Guy Grossman, Laura Paler, and Jeremy Springman (2019)
  • How to Make a Career in an Autocratic State–Evidence from the German Democratic Republic (GDR). With Alexander De Juan and Felix Haass (2018).
  • The Origin of Universities in Europe, 800-1800. With Florian Hollenbach (2019).


Work in Progress:

  • Local State Capacity, Social Identities, and Government Legitimacy. With Erik Wibbels and Vladimir Chlouba